Astronomers Find Galaxy with Almost No Dark Matter

Astronomers baffled by distant galaxy that doesn't have any dark matter

The research team, led by scientists at Yale, describes the study of a far-off galaxy called NGC 1052-DF2. That stellar sparseness means it does not look much like a typical spiral galaxy, but rather a loosely connected, ghostly blob of star-pocked gas and dust. It doesn't fit the characteristics of a spiral galaxy, which typically have dense, central regions, spiral arms, and a disk. Based on their observations, they found the mass to be what you'd expect to see from the stars alone, suggesting that the galaxy has no dark matter.

Potential explanations, which remain speculative, are that a fledgling massive galaxy billions of years ago played a role, or that a cataclysmic event within the galaxy swept out gas and dark matter, halting star formation, the release said. Astronomers think that dark matter is needed to form galaxies. Yet in this odd galaxy, the projected signatures of these exotic effects are not seen. The Hubble Space Telescope's Advanced Camera for Surveys acquired this image, which is via NASA, ESA, and P. van Dokkum, Yale.

At present, it is though, a necessity for a universe or galaxy to have dark matter for its fabrication.

Dark matter is integral to all galaxies. That's when they realized that this galaxy was very, very different from other galaxies. They are analyzing Hubble images of 23 other diffuse galaxies.

This was among those situations where exploration started with the expression "huh, that looks unusual". Dragonfly saw it as a diffuse object with some structures in it; Sloan imaged it as a collection of distinct objects. In the study, scientists measure mass by tracking the velocity of bodies that move inside the galaxy, Pieter van Dokkum, co-author of the study told Newsweek. "There is no theory that predicts these types of galaxies - how you actually go about forming one of these things is completely unknown", Merritt said. "It is essentially a translucent galaxy".

"We thought all galaxies were made up of stars, gas and dark matter mixed together, but with dark matter always dominating", Prof. The paper appears in the March 29 issue of the journal Nature.

The responses were very unexpected. From those measurements, the team calculated the galaxy's mass. And not only the galaxies, the entire fabrication of the universe is the skeleton of dark matter and everything else is stuff that has been pasted on it. In this situation, there's a marginal distinction in between the 2.

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This is highly uncommon for galaxies. He points out that the galaxy, memorably named NGC1052-DF2, is orbiting another one.

"Paradoxically, the existence of NGC1052-DF2 may falsify alternatives to dark matter", the authors conclude, noting that those alternatives include both variations of MOND and emergent gravity. It ends up that a galaxy without dark issue is inappropriate with designs that change it making use of changed gravity.

Dark matter, as the name implies, is a pretty mysterious thing. This suggests there is unseen, but substantial, mass holding stars in orbit.

NGC 1052-DF2 is missing its dark matter.

The evident concern is exactly how you wind up with a galaxy like NGC1052- DF2. Using the amount of light emitted by the galaxy produced an estimate of the total mass of stars in the galaxy that was also in the neighborhood of 10. So the enigma of NGC 1052-DF2, may not be an enigma for long.

Van Dokkum and his team plan to keep searching for similar galaxies-or just any other weird thing that challenges the current understanding of dark matter. Recently, the space scientists unveiled a certain ghostly galaxy that is very unusually transparent and is nearly the same size as the Milky Way. They likewise state that they've recognized a variety of various other galaxies that look rather comparable.

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